February 1, 2015

002 Podcasting & Content Marketing – InternetMarketingPodcast.com

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this episode we talk about podcasting, content marketing and personal branding and the reasons we feel podcasting is a smart business & marketing decision for many organizations and individuals.

SHOW TITLE: Internet Marketing: InternetMarketingPodcast.com

SHOW DESCRIPTION: The Internet Marketing Podcast is about internet marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing, local marketing, email marketing, social media, seo, (search engine optimization) and sem (search engine marketing). We can be found at InternetMarketingPodcast.com. The show is hosted by Breht Burri. The Internet Marketing Podcast is a PodcastStudios.com production.


TooBaRoo Internet Marketing – Internet Marketing & Website Development
URL: TooBaRoo.com
Phone: 816-365-9207
email: toobaroo@toobaroo.com
Web Link: http://toobaroo.com


SHOW MESSAGE LINE: 206-337-4463
EMAIL: hosts@InternetMarketingPodcast.com
TWITTER: @marketingcast
URL: http://InternetMarketingPodcast.com
PODCAST RSS FEED: http://feeds.feedburner.com/IMPOD
HOSTS: The Internet Marketing Podcast is hosted by Breht Burri.
PRODUCED BY: PodcastStudios.com



  1. IMPOD says:

    Thanks for the mention. We’re glad you enjoy the show.


  1. I added your Internet Marketing Podcast episode 002 to my list of top content marketing resources.

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